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Limba arabă
Se formează o grupă la limba arabă, nivlul 1. Lecțiile vor fi la Ciocana. Orarul v-a fi discutat cu toți studenții prezenți.
Limba Engleză
Se formează o nouă grupă la limba engleză nivelul 1 și 2. Lecțiile se petrec la Ciocana.
Limba chineză
06.12.16 se formează o grupă la limba chineyă de nivelul 2. Lecțiile se petrec seara în sec. Ciocana.
limba italiană
Se formează o grupă la limba italiană de nivelul 1.orarul v-a fi stabilit săptămîna viitoare.

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The teaching program

It is easy to know English!
Our intensive English course is spent on the basis of the modern technique which was developed taking into account experience and traditions of teaching foreign languages. The program is directed on acquiring good and profound knowledge and perfection of all the language skills. In all the offices of our school you will be offered the program of studying the English language, corresponding to your purposes, age and level of knowledge. The English teaching program is directed on development of all the language skills, at the same time you develop informal conversation, understanding English on hearing, reading and writing.
The complete course of studying English in our center consists of 6 levels:
I level – Beginner - 2 academic hours a day, 3 times a week, 24 meetings, in all 48 hours
II level – Elementary - 2 academic hours a day, 3 times a week, 36 meetings, in all 72 hours
III level – Pre-Intermediate - 2 academic hours a day, 3 times a week, 36 meetings, in all 72 hours
IV level - Intermediate - 2 academic hours a day, 3 times a week, 36 meetings, in all 72 hours
V level - Upper-Intermediate - 2 academic hours a day, 3 times a week, 36 meetings, in all 72 hours
VI level – Advanced - 2 academic hours a day, 3 times a week, 36 meetings, in all 72 hours
In all 432 hours: 408 hours for studying and 30 hours for various testing during all the levels. The program of teaching other languages is almost similar to the program on English. Each of below-mentioned languages has 3 or 4 levels: French 140 hours, German 165 hours, Italian 275 hours, Romanian 278 hours etc.
Express teaching:
The classes are spent in small groups (3-4 persons). High intensity of classes assumes shortening duration of the level: the students pass the level approximately for 40 academic hours. At our school English lessons are spent in the evening or in day time two times a week, three academic hours a day. The duration of this academic hour is 40 minutes.
After each level the students pass an exam. They can continue studying irrespective of the mark. The purpose of these tests is to help the students evaluate their successes, achievements and weak points by themselves. If the students don\'t cope with these requirements they can pass the level again (with additional payment). After graduation (level Upper-Intermediate) the students pass the final exam.
The certificate on studying an English course is given after each level, but after graduation the level Upper-Intermediate or Advanced the certificate will signify more. The certificates are given when the students get at least 70 %. Every lesson in our language school is a step to achieve your sacred purpose – speak a foreign language!
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