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newLimba engleză
De pe data de 25.09.17 va începe o grupă studiile la nivelul 1. mai sunt locuri. Lecțiile se vor petrece la adresa M. Sadoveanu, 24.
Limba turcă
Se formează o grupă la limba turcă niv.1 de pe 25.09.17. Se învită toți doritorii la încheerea contractului la adresa M.Sadoveanu, 24. Orarul s
newLimba portughezâ
De pe data 25.09.2017 începe studiile o grupă la nivelul 1. Orarul va fi stabilit în scurt timp. Lecțiile se vor petrece la adresa M. Sadoveanu, 2
Limba arabă
Recent a fost începută o grupă de limbă arabă. Lecțiile se petrec pe str. Sadoveanu, 24 luni, mercuri, vineri la orele 19:00

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French language

At our school of foreign languages teaching is spent on academic - methodical book Conexions by publishing houses Didier with audio and other materials. In the textbook for class work the interesting texts and photos are collected, many of them will acquaint you with rich and interesting French culture and history. Besides it includes different exercises – grammatical, games, texts for reading and discussion, drawings, and also an audio course. At the end of the textbook you can find the lists of the words to the lessons, a grammatical hand-book and some appendixes.
The teachers have books which help them to build the structure of the classes and make studying a language an effective and fascinating process.
During studying on our French courses, you can check your received knowledge, you will write tests and examinations. As well at the end of each level you will pass an exam which will give you a chance to check your knowledge of French.
Teaching French is spent on academic-methodical complex Le nouveau sans frontiers. It is a complete course of the French language for teenagers and adults, published by CLE International. It includes a textbook, a working book with exercises for homework, audio disks for class work and independent work at home, and a book for teachers.
The course Le nouveau sans frontiers and Conexions combines the best traditional techniques and a modern approach to French teaching. It will help you quickly and with pleasure learn this beautiful language.
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