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Limba arabă
Se formează o grupă la limba arabă, nivlul 1. Lecțiile vor fi la Ciocana. Orarul v-a fi discutat cu toți studenții prezenți.
Limba Engleză
Se formează o nouă grupă la limba engleză nivelul 1 și 2. Lecțiile se petrec la Ciocana.
Limba chineză
06.12.16 se formează o grupă la limba chineyă de nivelul 2. Lecțiile se petrec seara în sec. Ciocana.
limba italiană
Se formează o grupă la limba italiană de nivelul 1.orarul v-a fi stabilit săptămîna viitoare.

Last change: 5.9.2012
German language

Teaching German on our courses of foreign languages is conducted on academic - methodical complex Schritte International of publishing house Hueber and Studio A1-A2 and Cornelsen. This educational complex includes: a textbook, a working book, audio disks with texts to the textbook of each level and the book for the teacher. In supplement to the textbook there is a detailed grammatical hand-book which includes a review of all the grammatical themes meeting in the textbook. The grammar is stated in paragraphs which references are given in the lessons of the textbook with the exercises on a corresponding theme. The material is presented clearly; there is nothing unnecessary that could complicate understanding and remembering the rules. The paragraphs are supplied with schemes, tables and drawings for visual aids.
The textbook on German is used basically for class work. The working book has a lot of exercises for homework to fasten grammatical and lexical material studied at the lesson. The textbook is colorful; it is supplied with a great deal of illustrations, photos, drawings, schemes, cards, articles from magazines and newspapers. This makes it interesting, convenient and simple to use.
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