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newLimba engleză
De pe data de 25.09.17 va începe o grupă studiile la nivelul 1. mai sunt locuri. Lecțiile se vor petrece la adresa M. Sadoveanu, 24.
Limba turcă
Se formează o grupă la limba turcă niv.1 de pe 25.09.17. Se învită toți doritorii la încheerea contractului la adresa M.Sadoveanu, 24. Orarul s
newLimba portughezâ
De pe data 25.09.2017 începe studiile o grupă la nivelul 1. Orarul va fi stabilit în scurt timp. Lecțiile se vor petrece la adresa M. Sadoveanu, 2
Limba arabă
Recent a fost începută o grupă de limbă arabă. Lecțiile se petrec pe str. Sadoveanu, 24 luni, mercuri, vineri la orele 19:00

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The technique of teaching

The uses of modern communicative technique with own workings allow developing all the necessary skills for fluent speaking a foreign language. The basic attention is paid to the development of conversation skills that is achievement of high level of informal conversation and understanding on hearing (audition). The teacher uses a role-play games, work in pairs, participation of the students in discussions.The technique SC «Sansor SN» SRL also involves development in students other important language skills. Thanks to the various additional materials worked out by the scientifically-methodical center of our company, the grammatical material is explained and fixed easily and available. The students enlarge their dictionary because they use modern everyday and business lexicon. At the lessons the phonetic warm-ups are spent to improve pronunciation. We use the modern textbooks by the best European publishing houses.All the handbooks have exhaustive materials, for students and teachers. They have a textbook, a writing-book for homework, a language laboratory course, DVD, CD-ROM and various additional teaching materials.The technique of SC «Sansor SN» SRL assumes three necessary components for achievement of positive results of teaching; they are knowledge, skills and experience. According to the oppinion of Council of Europe there are 6 levels representing lower and higher levels in the classical three-level system including base, average and advanced levels. In the generalized form the levels of mastery a language are presented in the table:
Basic UserA1 BreakthroughI understand and can use in speech familiar phrases and expressions which are necessary for specific tasks. I can present myself or other people, ask and answer the questions about the place where I live, my friends and property. I can participate in simple conversations if the person speaks slowly and clearly and is ready to help.
A2 WaystageI understand separate sentences and common expressions connected with the basic spheres of life (for example, the basic information about myself and the members of my family, purchases, job, etc.). I can solve the problems connected with the simple exchange of information on familiar or everyday themes. In common expressions I can tell about myself and my family, describe the basic aspects of my everyday life.
Independent User B1 ThresholdI understand the basic ideas of the clear messages made in a literary language on different themes, which typically arise at work, study, free time etc. I can communicate in the majority of the situations which can appear during my stay in the country of target language. I can compose a connected text on the themes which are known or interesting for me. I can describe events, impressions, hopes, ambitions, give and explain my opinion and plans for the future.
B2 Vantage I understand the summary of difficult texts on abstract and concrete themes, including highly specialized texts. I speak quickly and spontaneously to native speakers without special difficulties. I am able to do clear, detailed messages on various themes and express my opinion on the basic problem, show advantage and disadvantages of different opinions.
Proficient UserC1 Effective Operational ProficiencyI understand large difficult texts on various subjects, I recognize the hidden meaning. I speak spontaneously at fast rate, without any difficulties connected with the choice of words and expressions. I speak the language in scientific and professional work flexibly and effectively. I can create the exact, detailed, well built message on difficult themes.
C2 MasteryI understand almost any oral or written message, I can compose a connected text, based on several oral and written sources. I speak spontaneously and correctly at high rate; underline the color values in the most difficult situations.
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